Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yeah yeah yeah....

There is many different way to understand ourselves through our social live. When I said that we all have different masks and personalities in different set up to one of my friend she strongly said nooo it is not true. I wanted her to see what I am saying to give an example as we don't act same way in a church and in a pub. She said she does. I did not keep discussing with her about it probably I did not want to be mean to hear by saying yeah it means that you are accepting to drink a cool cold beer in a church and praying at the bar right? Most of the time our behavior changes gradually with our personality and according to social psychology there is nothing wrong to have different personalities. It is normal. But it is different than having some type of multiple personality disorder. We all have different personalities in different settings but also our behavior changes as well.
We all have different people into us some of them shy, some of them happy, so I want to open it up some of my dominant personalities, let's see what is going to be happen:
1. River: River is smart, she is so smart, intelligent, and educated in a high academic level. She wants to know everything on the earth, eager to learn.
2. Sky: Sky is adventurous. She likes all types of sports, mostly water sports. She does bungee jumping, skying, horse back riding, swimming, she is fun, she is active and she is healthy.
3. Star: She wants all the attention all over, she wants to have a lot of money and she just want to share that money with people who need it but also want to live in fancy places, have good clothes and no worry about bills, payments, etc.
4. Carry: Wants to be home, do knitting, baking, cleaning. She has rules, and dreams, either extremely antisocial or social.

Yeah yeah yeah.... I know this is not enough or was not good enough to explain what I said in the beginning but It is late and I am tired to write all my thoughts.
All I can do it to put it in a fun frame which I've just did...
Well I wonder what do you keep you in.

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