Saturday, June 13, 2009

knitting adventure

Hello All
Obviously I am not a big time writer, I mean I do write but I unfortunately do not have one of those face book type of personality so I do not like to spend half of my day. First had open this account I just want to spread my store name I thought even couple of people going to look at it and going to be interested and maybe ended up to visit my store visa versa. Yet unfortunately blog words needs effort as every other things in the life. So I decided to take it a bit more serious and write my thoughts and feelings and I think I accept to same from others.
I want to talk how my knitting adventure start as a beginning. Well, everything start in very very humid boringly hot summer day in Chicago. I was soo broke, I could not able to find any job and one of my friend Laura mention to me about etsy that you can sell handmade items. Sometimes little hope is better than anything,this was a little light at the end of the darkness and it is better than just sitting around and crying out loud right?

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