Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It is not easy to being green Slippers and or socks women size 6 and or 7 and or 8

This is one of my favorite ones. I am not able to decide what other colors will be good if I want to make more, any opinions or ideas?
Here is the link if you are interested:

Thursday, June 25, 2009

working on it

It is one of my newest adventure, want to share it with you. I am working on it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Deep Dark Ocean Blue Handknit Unisex slippers size 9 to 10

This is one of my newest slippers that I've listed on my etsy store. Well Chicago is so hot for to wear them. I do miss summer for 7 months and then when it finally comes I start to complain about it right away. This is a great beach day actually but I am home. Here it is, one of the newest one! Hope you like it as much as I do.

Friday, June 19, 2009

My velvet skirt dark navy bag

This is one my my experimental recycle bag that can be a beach bag, diaper bag and mostly I used these types of bags to stick some books in it and end it up some coffee shop and enjoy it. Well it is totally experimental. There it is..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

N for neckwarmer that's good enough for me!

I do like neckwarmers during the winter it is just because I am so absentminded and no matter how many scarves I carry around I do forget them somewhere. And umbrellas.I always lost them in somewhere until I've got soak wet. So I decided to use neckwarmers because it is small and i can stick them in my bag easily. Believe or not last winter I did not lost my neckwarmer but unfortunately same thing is not happened to my umbrella:(

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


what happens when you buy it from my etsy store

What really happens when you shop from my etsy store:
You buy something unique to yourself. Yes! but also you help me to survive, you help a person who does not have a regular job at this moment and need to pay bills. We all go through tough times time to time and we always feel quite happy with little bit help from other people which is the most meaningful gift to me. One of my friend always says that the most meaningful gift to others to be able to put a smile on their faces.Because to hurt someone is always so simple but keep the person happy is not...
Do not worry to keep me happy is not that difficult.
If you like it, if you can, if you'd like to do it, do not wait then!...

Warmest regards...

slippers, socks and booties

I believe in creativity is the salt of the earth and I think it is one of the most precious gift to human being. I do want to show one of my latest item to you.
This sleepers are perfect to care your foot during night when is chilled out or early in the morning at this season but I bet you would like to have it all the time when winter comes back.

to see more of my handknit advanetures please visit:

By the time when I do start this post I was thinking about why handmade?
Well it is some reasons:
They are unique
They last long
They are made just for you...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yeah yeah yeah....

There is many different way to understand ourselves through our social live. When I said that we all have different masks and personalities in different set up to one of my friend she strongly said nooo it is not true. I wanted her to see what I am saying to give an example as we don't act same way in a church and in a pub. She said she does. I did not keep discussing with her about it probably I did not want to be mean to hear by saying yeah it means that you are accepting to drink a cool cold beer in a church and praying at the bar right? Most of the time our behavior changes gradually with our personality and according to social psychology there is nothing wrong to have different personalities. It is normal. But it is different than having some type of multiple personality disorder. We all have different personalities in different settings but also our behavior changes as well.
We all have different people into us some of them shy, some of them happy, so I want to open it up some of my dominant personalities, let's see what is going to be happen:
1. River: River is smart, she is so smart, intelligent, and educated in a high academic level. She wants to know everything on the earth, eager to learn.
2. Sky: Sky is adventurous. She likes all types of sports, mostly water sports. She does bungee jumping, skying, horse back riding, swimming, she is fun, she is active and she is healthy.
3. Star: She wants all the attention all over, she wants to have a lot of money and she just want to share that money with people who need it but also want to live in fancy places, have good clothes and no worry about bills, payments, etc.
4. Carry: Wants to be home, do knitting, baking, cleaning. She has rules, and dreams, either extremely antisocial or social.

Yeah yeah yeah.... I know this is not enough or was not good enough to explain what I said in the beginning but It is late and I am tired to write all my thoughts.
All I can do it to put it in a fun frame which I've just did...
Well I wonder what do you keep you in.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

reality shows, competative games and Show time

I do watch a dinning show that has take place in an European country. They pick 5 people in different cities and each person has 3 hours, they prepare and give menu to production of the show, and during these five days, people do shopping and present their food in front of camera, and welcome their guest in a same way. Honestly it is kind of entertaining when I do knit to watch them because they do argue over table manner, food, and during the show of course some people favor some others, and envy or "hate" others so all these conflicts creates a good rating to TV Channel. Because the competition is too high and each person like to have ten thousand $ at the end they do not give good score to other one; therefore, every night people who gives score to each other is not fair. That's why the channel added one more layer to the show and every Saturday they ask to the audience about who they favor at and that is added to their own scores and someone eventually wins. Due to taking audience's scores people becomes a bit more polite which reduces to problems during the show which is bad but what I do not understand is that why people vote for someone who they don't know at all. Someone gonna get 10 thousand dollars at the end and so what is it with you? You don't have any benefit of it plus you don't even know how the food is tasted. You are not sharing the money with winner either. But people votes crazily. But what I hate most sometimes competitors eat everything on their plates, and ask for more and at the end they say the food was horrible. Come on why did you eat then? Well it was just because I was hungry. Is this type of prisoners dilemma or social ethical deformation?
I know that most of the people likes reality shows it is just we know that it is not a fiction. So we saw people eats weird thinks to get certain amount of money, act weird, become something else. it is worth to watch hah? It is real and unusual, and dangerous and disgusting. But someone like us do that for the reward? Does it distinguish animal side of homosapien? Does it prove that people can do anything for easy money? Does it shows that people are desperate to do whatever it takes for money? How many people try it just for fun or have a different experience? Or are we all the puppets of the rating games?

P.S. related movie: Live
Has anyone see it?

knitting adventure

Hello All
Obviously I am not a big time writer, I mean I do write but I unfortunately do not have one of those face book type of personality so I do not like to spend half of my day. First had open this account I just want to spread my store name I thought even couple of people going to look at it and going to be interested and maybe ended up to visit my store visa versa. Yet unfortunately blog words needs effort as every other things in the life. So I decided to take it a bit more serious and write my thoughts and feelings and I think I accept to same from others.
I want to talk how my knitting adventure start as a beginning. Well, everything start in very very humid boringly hot summer day in Chicago. I was soo broke, I could not able to find any job and one of my friend Laura mention to me about etsy that you can sell handmade items. Sometimes little hope is better than anything,this was a little light at the end of the darkness and it is better than just sitting around and crying out loud right?