Friday, August 28, 2009

I called her Angel's Tears

She is soft and wonderful, and she tells me that winter is coming. Yay! I hate summer in Chicago. I'd rather winter because I can keep myself warm enough but summer in Chicago that does not give me a chance especially when I am outside. In the mean time, I do knitting right, so knitting is much more fun during the winter since I am no big fan of AC. Angel's tears was another identical twin which is sold last year you can check the feedback to make sure what buyer felt about it. I do knit scarf in between little knitting projects like gloves, or hats, and I give a quite a bit time to finish it up. I think it is worth it.
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I am not good at keeping it up

Well it's been a while that I did not write a world to my blog. Part of it my laziness to keep it up on this kind of activity other than being busy, trying to find a new apartment to live for. Well seems like I've find the place and part of the moving is done and I am so happy with my new place as well. Just want share some of new work of mine.
This one is my newly design fingerless gloves, I was not hopping that nobody is going to like it but already made couple of sales. And happy about it.
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I think one of my favorite color for this winter would be mustard tones with brown.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Two in One or One in Two Mustard and Brown Neckwarmer

it is two neck warmers. Hope you like it.
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